Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Random Shots From Last Night

Its really hard to shoot a photo of a dog who is THIS close to you! (photo by BMW)

As soon as the camera comes out, thats where Hemi is usually. He likes to hear the camera make noise!

A stick makes a nice distraction from the wonderful noise the camera makes. However, Hemi is not supposed to run around and sticks are MADE for running around with. So it was tough to contain the boy.

See what I found? See??!!! Touch it.. seriously try and touch it [hee hee]

What do you mean we have to go inside now? Who set those rules? Just because its getting dark? Just because your exhausted? Im on pain meds baby... lets get this party started!

As you can see... Were dealing with a really food driven dog here

This morning I got up early to "cook" for Hemi. Now understand, I dont actually ever cook, I prefer to call it "heating" not "cooking" as most of the stuff I would prepare for myself or others comes from a box, can or bag and requires an average of 4 minutes in a microwave :) HOWEVER... for the dog, I get up early and actually "cooked". Scrambled eggs in bowl 1, boiled chicken in bowl 2, and an "out of the container to the bowl meal" of cottage cheese in bowl 3 (hey... I got tired of standing over a stove!). The expression on Hemi's face just about says it all. "Sorry Sister... it just aint working for me this morning."

Within a few hours the buffet was getting more elaborate.

I beleive he is starting to be amused by it all...


On another note:
Pain medication - Working! [giggle... giggle... snort]

and now a brief interuption.... Blue Dog at Green Dog Inn

Because it was JUST too funny to pass up.

You think this is funny dont you sister. Keep in mind my teeth are sharp and I aim low!

The floor is such a LONG way away. Perhaps I need a better escape plan. Large tub, small dog, covered in blue shampoo that acts like lubricant [help].

For now you laugh. Sleep lightly my friends, sleep lightly. Revenge is mine!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mayhem... out of surgery

Almost immediately on the heels of losing Cajun to cancer just a few weeks ago... Mayhem was diagnosed with an anal sac tumor (pathology pending).
He had an ultrasound on Tuesday, surgery yesterday and I got to bring him home this afternoon. He is a bit groggy from the pain medication (that's the patch on his side in the above photo). And hes sporting a "not so cool" hair cut that hes not happy about. But all in all, he's kept his sense of humor.

He isnt eating very well just yet. Tonight I offered him chicken, beef, bison, kibble soaked in homemade broth, and that Fresh Pet stuff that smells aweful but the dogs seem to like it. I lined all the bowls out like a buffet for him... I think he was entertained :) He seemed to like the bison and chicken best but could only manage a small bite of each. Hopefully by tomorrow he will feel more like eating. He cant afford to lose any more weight. Currently he's curled up on a dog bed deep in doggie dreams.

He is so happy to be out of the hospital!

I started this blog to help me get thru Cajun's cancer relapse and subsequent death... who knew I'd be back at it so soon with another traumatic experience with my dogs! Needless to say, the camera is charged and I'll be sending lots of Mayhem (aka Hemi) photos soon.

Got'cha! (photos by Oksana)

During my breaks at Speedoggie Camp Got'cha! and I played a little.

Still his favorite toy is the one Auntie Gayle bought for his daddy Mayhem!

I expecially like his expression in this shot!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Banshee!!! (photos by M. O'Brien)

Yesterday was Banshee's 4th birthday!!

is she not the cutest thing EVER?!?!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Morning After...

Frenzy enjoys a morning snuggle with Auntie Janet on the couch before we all have to leave for Speedoggie Camp.

On the other end of the couch however... Mayhem is not happy that the other dogs are so spunky so early in the day (it's 6am)...

Mayhem informs them all what he thinks of mornings!

Death Of A Number Cone

One of Got'cha!'s favorite pastimes is renumbering my courses... so this is a familiar site in the agility field when he's in it.

Pulling the grass up thru the hole in the number cone is also a great game.

The young hunter, proud of his kill... flaunts it to the pack.. "See! see what I found! This is the best toy in the yard... really it is! Na na na na na"

Suddenly front out of now where... the prize treasure is snatched away by the "Kwazy One"!

And in his customary ritualistic dance, the "Kwazy One" teaches the young Blue Dog a lesson in cone killing

In a last ditch attempt by the young Blue Dog, he tries to make the Kwazy One feel guilty for stealing his treasure...

From the looks of it... the young Blue Dog's attempts to provoke sympathy from the Kwazy One had no effect. I suspect a lesson was learned :)


Yikes! demonstrates how to get the water out of the baby pool.

This is very serious work!

A Lesson In Mathmatics

+ Plus this..

= Equals This...

Altho he still has many puppy teeth... she seems to enjoy this!

The Winner!

Sometimes They Actually Stand Still

Flicker (Mayhem x Frenzy)



Yikes! (Mayhem x Frenzy)


After Camp Doggie Party

After Speedoggie Camp this weekend, we decided to let the dog's burn off some energy. And of course... I grabbed my camera :)

Mayhem, under my feet as usual... gives his best silly face!

Janet heps get the dogs out from under my feet so I can shoot some thing other then INTENSE close ups :)

Mayhem, Flicker (Mayhem x Frenzy daughter), Frenzy, Wow! (Mayhem x Credit)

Yikes! (Mayhem x Frenzy) and Wow! (Mayhem x Credit) take a dip in the baby pool.

Frenzy and Torch take time out for a "Red Dog" pose.

Mayhem and Yikes! (Mayhem x Frenzy)