Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet Nick

Nick has been bred to Banshee. I went to go see this dog on a suggestion from a friend and was totally impressed by him. He's two years old, black and white smooth. Approx. 20.5 inches tall. Beautiful temperament, gets along with all people and all dogs. And he's mega cuddly!!! I love cuddly :)

Nick is owned by Gene Sheninger (owner of my Mayhem's sire Yankee). Nick's sire "Star" is from Stuart Davidson and is a 2-time winner of the International Supreme. Nick's maternal grandsire is "Bart" the 2005 USBCHA Champion. Also in the pedigree are Stuart Davidson's "Craig" and Bobby Dalziel's Wisp who are each 2-time winners of the International Supreme. Also Bobby Dalziel's great producer "Jim" is in the pedigree.

I love his structure and balance. He's a great sheepdog. I got to watch him work for a bit before I picked him up. Wow... sheep arent so bad when you know what your doing :) however... I do NOT know what Im doing... yet.

If there is a toy involved, Nick is either play bowing or smiling at you. If that doesn't work, he throws the toy at you because obviously your dumb and don't know your supposed to throw it!

Jolly Ball... Whoooo Hoooo!

throw it..... throw it....

I got choppers... nice choppers... throw the ball or bring me the woman... your choice :)
Ed Note: Im KIDDING! He smiles when you throw the ball to him... its kinda cute actually.

Dogs got some neck on him... whew!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Nick.
Banshee thinks he's the bomb and is totally smitten with him.

If the breeding takes, were expecting babies on Dec 1st!