Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doberman vs Border Collies (Cassidy and Monday vs Got'cha and Diggity)

First we casually play with the toys...

Lulling our prey into thinking we are sweet, lovable and harmless...[OK we really ARE sweet, loveable and relatively harmless but dont tell anyone! You will ruin our reputation.]
And now for a brief interuption:

goofy Dobie moment caught on film...

We return to our story:

Yes... Yes... Little Blue Boy, lets play a game...

Hey, this blue sucker is kinda quick!

Table = Base

Tackle... two down at the same time! Dobie's Win!!!

This young blue one is spunky! And cute...
OK... this is getting to be a bit too sexy...

Thats better.

And while her brother was getting beat up (sorta), what was Diggity doing?
Besides being very very cute?

Giving kisses to her fans of course!

Family Day

So the other day Mayhem was feeling pretty good. His 105+ fever broke the day before and his new meds were kickin' in pretty good. We took the opportunity to enjoy some time with the rest of the family in the field. The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed so happy to have Hemi back in the fold.

Got'cha is always watching to see who's coming and going.

A can of dog food (something stinky for Mayhem to hopefully eat... he didnt but it was a good effort) that I set out to warm up a little in the sun while I shot some photos of the kids playing. Got'cha and Diggity thought it was very interesting. Note: the dogwalk is raised up so Diggity wont run up it and stand of top of it and taunt Got'cha who gets pissed he cant reach her... yet. Give him a few weeks!!!

Been a while since Wowwie had a smile this big on his face. He loves to play follow the leader with his father. Frenzy even joined in (gasp... she's being a DOG!)

The Three Amigos

Hemi actually romped for a minute or two. He looks like a puppy in this shot.

Hey Gayle... this smile is for you!

Ok so he still isnt thrilled with Got'cha's puppy "in your face" antics. But he is very tollerent... notice Wowwie stealing the toy in the background!

More follow the leader games.

Wowwie is right behind him following his every move.

Music please...
The happy couple. They are SO CUTE together and she was so happy to have her hubby to play with.

Of course she always gets the toy... then again, she IS the wife.

OK... She's REALLY being a dog here!!!

MY GOD... she's PLAYING with the PUPPY!!!

Dirty... slobbered...
Farm dog.
BUT... she's got spunk



How humiliating.


Got'cha? Party of One? Your table is ready...

Dog is just cracked!

Father and Daughter Tug-o-War
Wait.. you dont really see me playing with her right? OK just checking...

Daddy Wins! Diggity is right behind him, but look who's behind her...

[insert theme music from the movie "Jaws" here]

[suspense] Dont be so smug handsome prick eared boy...

The Kwazy Man is BACK!!!! And NOBODY chases the Kwazy Man... cause... well... cause HE'S KWAZY!


OH MY is he a handsome boy or WHAT?