Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Day In The Sun

Auntie Janet came to visit and we all had some time to play in the sun.

Taking a break in the shade. Seven dogs in a sit!

Got'cha! steals the toy and Tease gives him a good chase.

Not long before more join in. Its black and whites chase the merle time!

Run puppy... RUN!

The tongue cracks me up...

Diggity makes a leap to get away from Got'cha! who is relentless. Nice catch Auntie!

Wowwie's favorite game today was herd the puppy.

And he is so handsome doing it :)

This was one of those shots that I almost got.

One Moment Please...

Have you all noticed Frenzy?

Because everyone should notice Frenzy (in her opinion).

Frenzy aka "Queen Z" and her daughter "Princess Flicker.

The Princess poses...

Diggity reminds you that tom-boys can look sweet and innocent TOO!

And the Court Jester just relaxes in the shade and giggles.

And occasionally he stands still!
Mayhem especially enjoyed the visit. After his afternoon walk he decided that Auntie Janet's food was edible. Which was fine with us!

Kibble... was todays choice of lunch. Im thinking at this point, whatever works!

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