Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Hemi (November 29)

Happy Birthday Hemi. He would of been 10 years old. These photos were taken with my iphone at one of our consultations.

I'm dreaming of sleeping next to you and feeling like a lost little boy in a brand new town
I'm counting my sheep and each one that passes is another dream to ashes
And they all fall down.

And as I lay me down tonight, I close my eyes
What a beautiful sight

Sleeping to dream about you , and I'm so tired
Of having to live without you
But I don't mind sleeping to dream about you
and I'm so tired

I found myself in the riches
Your eyes, your lips, your hair and you were everywhere
I woke up in the ditches, I hit the light and I thought you might be here
But you were nowhere (you were nowhere)
Well you were nowhere at home

And as I lay me back to sleep
Lord I pray that I can keep

It's just a little a lullaby to keep myself from crying myself to sleep at night
Oh just a lullabye to keep from crying myself to sleep
Oh just a, just oh, just a little lullabye,
"Sleeping To Dream" Jason Mraz Video:

Oh, and until the dawn it brings
Another day to sing about
the magic that was you and me

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
Others only read of the love, 
of the love that I love
("You and I" ~ Jason Mraz)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down On The Farm

I recently watched a friends farm for the weekend. Great photo opportunities and the dogs got to spend the weekend running around the farm. 

Unfortunately, I downloaded all the photos I took the first day to my computer and cleared the card (ugh...). That computer crashed. So all I have left are the photos from the rest of the weekend and a lesson learned: "Dont clear the card until you back it up!". 

Sometimes however its as much fun to shoot photos of your friends shooting photos as it is to dodge sheep yourself...
I named this shot "Road Kill" :)

And yes... I suspect that Carolyn has a photo of me taking this photo of her :)


Like father... like daughter.

... and then there was Ras, the Islandic Sheepdog. She does get around :)

Yikes! was in love with her.

Jive was interested but he was saving his heart for someone else.

Dig-it! was happy to have someone her own size to run with.

Got'cha! obviously was not listening :)

Gilli, a rescue BC that was being fostered at the farm, was too busy making sure she smelled REALLY good for her newest boyfriend...

"may I have this dance?"
... Pretty Please?!


How can you have this many dogs in a shot and not have a SINGLE one looking at you?

Can you find the Blue Boy? 
Im telling ya... he really IS a mountain goat!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Autumn is my favorite season

I look forward to breaking out the down jacket for the first time each year. 

I have this book with all kinds of places to go hiking with your dogs in New Jersey. Each week we go to a new park. 

This was Jack's first hike. 
He was a superstar and was SO HAPPY to be out in the woods! I normally take just one of my dogs with me at a time when I go hiking. It makes for great one on one time for us and it is easier when we go with a group of friends. Its also a great motivator each week to get out and hike more so each dog gets a chance. 

We brought Carolyn and Jive to collect ticks. Seriously, Jive is so low to the ground he collects all the ticks so there are no more for anyone else to get! Poor buddy - but is he a cute dog or WHAT?! I was never a sheltie fan until I got to know Jive. Now Im hooked.

Next to go for a hike was Got-cha! 
He was a mountain goat! Loving to climb on rocks and downed trees. His ears are in-between tapings (don't freak out Gayle... I wont leave them this way!)

LOTS of leaves in this park.

If you kiss your dog in the park and someone has a camera... its considered PUBLIC and that is mortifying :)

He's so cute I can't hardly stand it :)