Friday, March 29, 2019

Perfect your start line and contact releases NOW!

Really Reliable Release Cues
Online Class Registration Is Open!
Tired of babysitting your dogs stay performance or worse yet, faulting an otherwise beautiful run do to a self released start line, early contact release or exiting the table before the end of the count? If so then this class is for you!

Start lines, contact releases and table performances all have one thing in common and that is the dog should hold position until released. Regardless of what your preferred position and release cues are, this class will help you develop and strengthen you and your dogs performance with simple exercise and fun games that are easily taught and practiced even in the smallest of training spaces.

Whether your just beginning your training or are already in competition, having a reliable stay is paramount to your ability to handle effectively. This 4 week class is back by popular demand and will instruct you on fun and creative ways to work on your release cues without harsh corrections or having to walk your dog off of a course because they self released from a stay. This class will help you create an upbeat learning environment for you and your dog to work in. Also, since this is an online class you are free to work each weeks lessons when its convenient to your schedule.

Each week new lessons will be posted to the group. A video demonstration and a PDF with written details, as well as training tips and suggestions are included with each weeks class installment. Participants are encouraged to post their own training videos for review and to use the discussion forum to ask training questions and/or discuss any issues that arise. The materials in this classroom will remain available to all participants for 6 months after the end of the session (in read-only format). 

FMI, Registration and Payment Information send an email request to:
You will be given more details on how to send payment when you register for the class.

This class is 4 weeks long and starts on April 2, 2019.

Cost:$100 (Payable online via Zelle, ApplePay, Messenger Pay, PayPal or by check. 

This is a Facebook class, so you need to be a member of Facebook to participate. 

Chris Ott is an international level dog agility competitor, trainer, coach, and GJP (Global Judging Program) Affiliate Judge with 35 years experience competing in dog sports. Her achievements include: Multi year USA/AKC World Agility Team Member, USA/AKC European Agility Open Team Member, Cynosport World Steeplechase Champion, Guinness World Record Holder for Dog Weaving, and Multi Year European Agility Junior Agility Team Coach. Chris is also one of the top breeders of performance border collies in the world with multiple dogs of her breeding being selected to represent their countries at FCI, IFCS, WAO, AKC, and Crufts Championships.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Total Team Conditioning Online Class Starts 3.12.19

This is not just another canine fitness class, this class is for the compete dog and handler team. And lets face it, we rarely work ourselves out as much as we do our dogs. In this class you will learn ways to work yourself out WHILE you are working your dog out in a fun and interactive way. Be the handler your dog needs you to to be and be ready for the spring show season! Improve you and your dogs balance and coordination using simple, fun, low impact exercises designed to be done in small spaces to build balance and flexibility. This 4 week class covers easy to perform exercises for both the handler AND the dog, helping the team to build their skills together. All exercises are suitable for all dog breeds and handler body types. 

Do you have exercise equipment that you bought for your dog but don’t know exactly what to do with it. Well in this class we can show you how to use exercise props for both you and your dog to improve your dogs fitness as well as your balance, foot speed and coordination. These exercises are designed to help improve turning, crossing, accelerating and decelerating skills to make you be the best handler you can be for your dog while working your dog out at the same time to help keep them flexible and toned.

All exercises can be done without equipment and general household objects can be used as substitutes for many of the exercise props.

Online class includes:
- Downloadable written instructions and FAQs for each lesson
- Video explanations
- Video demo
- Critique of homework videos

Start Date: March 12 2019
Length of Course: 4 Week Facebook Class (Class page with all course material and videos available in read only format to participants for one year after completion of class).
Cost: $100

To sign up for the class send an email to: You will then receive payment information options.