Saturday, July 8, 2017

Two Online Training Opportunities for Sport Dogs!

I have two brand new online classes starting, one 6 week class at Agility University (anyone can participate) and one 4 week class running on a Facebook Group Page (you must be a member of Facebook to participate in this class). See below for all the details!

Canine Jumping Gym: Jumping Gymnastics for Sport Dogs with Chris Ott at Agility University!

In every agility venue, your dog will be required to navigate more jumping challenges than any other obstacle in agility competition. Understanding the physical and mental challenges and how to develop safe and proficient jump execution at speed (in competition as well as in training), is critical to developing a successful jump training program for you teammate.

This class will cover everything from extension and collection, set points, flight and rotation, recovery strides, turning, and more.

Comfortable and safe jumping execution
Improved forward focus/scope
Build balance and rhythm
Increased jump commitment
Increase speed
Minimize landing impact
Improve confidence
Injury prevention
Problem solving

In this class we will be using jumping gymnastics. These are exercises using only jumps, placed in a row one or more strides apart. The exercises are set up as a grid using equal and/or repetitive striding patterns throughout the exercises. Jumping a dog in an equally and/or repetitive striding pattern helps them maintain a steady rhythm throughout the grid without feeling excessive pressure to find their take off distance. By incorporating slight turns into the jump grids we will incorporate turning and lead changes into the exercises. Slight alterations to the exercises can identify potential problems as well as help solve a multitude of training challenges.

This class is perfect for dogs of all sizes, ages and competition levels. Young dogs can work exercises with ground rails and/or jumps set below wrist height.

Start Date: July 31, 2017
Level: Open to all
Class Length: 6 weeks (information/classroom available in read-only mode for 6 months after completion of course) 

Follow this link to sign up for this class:


Agility Skills by the Dozen with Chris Ott

Most agility performances fail due to obstacle performance failure or other weak skills. Many handling failures are due to a hander not being able to get to where they need to be on course because their dog lacks the independent skills needed for the course challenge. Some teams loose valuable seconds on course due to a lack of skill proficiency and/or skill performance anxiety while other teams struggle between stimulus control and impulse control. The skills covered in this class are some of the core essential skills built from the foundation of the Speedoggie / Total Team performance program. These essential skills are instrumental to the seamless transition of performance from the training environment to the competition course, including independence, distance, speed and focus. This class covers many of the core skills used in our problem solving solutions for a multitude of performance issues as well as to help build confidence and consistency in all dog sports. Whether you want to build and advance on the success you already have or you want to fix some issues and fill the holes in your training program, this class is the perfect addition to any training program.

Each week in this class we will present 3 essential skills for a total of 12 skills over the 4 weeks of class. These skills have been proven to the highest levels of performance. This class is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes with variations included for very young dogs and older dogs as well. The exercises are designed to be set up in small spaces and many exercises may be worked indoors without equipment for when the weather is too extreme to train outdoors.

This class is the perfect training opportunity for those who are looking for a class to focus on improving and problem solving skills rather then handling or course analysis.

Classes are held on Facebook in a secret group and the group content will be available for 6 months after end of class.

All classes are taught by Chris Ott (full bio available at:

Start date: July 17th 2017
Class duration: 4 weeks

Working spots (25) $125.00. As a working student of this class you will be able to able to post your own training video of each weeks exercises for critique as well as comment in all class discussions.

Auditing spots (unlimited) $75.00. As an auditor of this class you are not able to post video for critique but you will be able to comment in all discussions.

Payment Type for this Facebook Class: PayPal, check or cash. No working spots will be held without payment. If you are interested in joining this class message me privately for payment instructions.