Friday, January 12, 2018

New Winter Classes ONLINE at Agility University!!!

Agility Toolbox: Rock Solid Weave Pole Entries

Unique and fun skill games that you can practice in small spaces to improve your dog’s weave pole entry success. From deceleration and weight shift to body bending and aim accuracy, entering weave poles at speed can be a big challenge to any dog. This class is designed to teach you the tools necessary to train your dog to have rock solid weave entries in a fun and motivating environment. 

Whether your just beginning your weave pole sequencing or your already competing at the higher levels, mastering weave entries at speed is a must have skill for every team. In this class we discuss fun and creative ways to work on the weave entries without having to put the dogs thru endless repetition. 

The exercises in this class can be done with any type of weave pole (competition standard poles, weave-a-matics, channel poles, 2x2, etc). Dogs participating in this class should already know to weave between the poles and be food and/or toy motivated. This class is only focusing on the “entry” to the poles.

Agility Toolbox: Handling To Improve Jumping Success. 

Does your dog knock bars? Could your handling be part of the problem? In this class we focus on you the handler and what you can do to help your dog keep their bars up and make fluid, efficient turns. This class will show you in detail the proper placement and timing of the basic handling skills in easy to set up sequences that also help improve your dogs jumping mechanics at the same time as we train the handler how to negotiate those turns.

This class will also discuss in detail how your reward placement and timing plays an important role in keeping the bars up. Detailed video and still frames from the videos with markups showing each detail discussed in the weekly lessons.

This class is perfect for all teams of any age and competition level. Puppy and young dogs will keep bars low and competition teams can work at whatever height they are comfortable at.