Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Conditioning For Contacts Online Class at Agility University

Back by popular demand
this functional fitness class specifically designed to improve your contact performances!

Total Team’s Conditioning For Contacts 

This popular online class is only available at Agility University!

Is your dog jumping off the contacts?  Stopping at the top of the A Frame to ‘admire the view’? Inching down the contact planks? Using the table as a springboard? The exercises in this class will help your dog build the strength, flexibility and understanding of how to use his/her body most effectively.  Big dog or small, running contact or stopped, all agility dogs can maximize their potential with the addition of targeted conditioning work.

Skills and functional fitness exercises that do not require contact equipment can greatly improve your dog’s ability to perform contacts quickly, accurately and consistently. Practicing your dogs contact performance position away from competition equipment allows you to disconnect any stress and/or confusion your dog may have during the learning phases of your training, away from the competition equipment. Once the contact position is perfected, the behavior can be easily be transferred to the contact equipment. 

In this class we not only work on building the physical strength and conditioning for achieving your preferred contact performance but we also offer training tips on how to use these exercises to aid in your dog’s generalization of these skills to the actual contact equipment. 

This class is open to all levels. No equipment is required and props can be made out of household items. All exercises can be performed in the size of an average living room (carpet or anti slip mat/yoga mat is recommended for traction). 

All of my online classes at Agility University feature:
- Downloadable written instructions and FAQs for each lesson
- Video explanations
- Video demo
- Detailed easy to follow critique of homework videos for working participants
- Pre-skills to be ready for when class starts
- Private Facebook group for all participants with bonus information and live interactions!

For more information on this class and/or to register visit my faculty page at Agility University

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