Thursday, September 27, 2018


Luckily the dog was not injured from this fall.
BUT, now that I have your attention….

Canine Therapeutic Fitness Online Course

Don’t wait until your dog has been diagnosed with an injury to teach them the exercises most often used in rehabilitation by top Veterinarian Specialists.

Rehabilitating your dog back from an injury is complicated enough without having to deal with the stress of trying to teach yourself and your dog some new skill. Training new physical exercises while dealing with a dog who could be uncomfortable, off loading, or guarding pain, can complicate your dog’s recovery. The time to teach these kinds of rehabilitation exercises to your dog is when they are sound and healthy and before they are injured. Not only do these exercises help condition and strengthen your dog to help prevent injury but they are also useful for warm up and cool down routines for training and competition. And of course, if your dog ever needs to rehabilitate from an injury, he will already know how to perform many of the most common rehabilitation exercises. Oh and for what its worth, the dog in the photo above was trained in these exercises all of his life. Which is most likely why he was not injured from this fall off the dogwalk. 

In this 4 week online Facebook class we will cover some of the most common conditioning/rehabilitation exercises used today. The goal of this class is to train yourself and your dog how to perform these exercises on a non injured, physically sound dog so you can develop a technique that is safe and controlled. We focus not only on the details of exercises themselves but also on the importance of correct body position, placement and timing of rewards, and breed/size specific and handler specific needs. 

This class is designed for any size, age, and breed of dog. This class uses no special equipment. Each exercise is explained from beginning thru advanced stages.

Start Date: October 8, 2018
Length of Course: 4 Week Facebook Class (Class page with all course material and videos available in read only format to participants for one year after completion of class)
Cost: $100