Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down On The Farm

I recently watched a friends farm for the weekend. Great photo opportunities and the dogs got to spend the weekend running around the farm. 

Unfortunately, I downloaded all the photos I took the first day to my computer and cleared the card (ugh...). That computer crashed. So all I have left are the photos from the rest of the weekend and a lesson learned: "Dont clear the card until you back it up!". 

Sometimes however its as much fun to shoot photos of your friends shooting photos as it is to dodge sheep yourself...
I named this shot "Road Kill" :)

And yes... I suspect that Carolyn has a photo of me taking this photo of her :)


Like father... like daughter.

... and then there was Ras, the Islandic Sheepdog. She does get around :)

Yikes! was in love with her.

Jive was interested but he was saving his heart for someone else.

Dig-it! was happy to have someone her own size to run with.

Got'cha! obviously was not listening :)

Gilli, a rescue BC that was being fostered at the farm, was too busy making sure she smelled REALLY good for her newest boyfriend...

"may I have this dance?"
... Pretty Please?!


How can you have this many dogs in a shot and not have a SINGLE one looking at you?

Can you find the Blue Boy? 
Im telling ya... he really IS a mountain goat!

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