Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Autumn is my favorite season

I look forward to breaking out the down jacket for the first time each year. 

I have this book with all kinds of places to go hiking with your dogs in New Jersey. Each week we go to a new park. 

This was Jack's first hike. 
He was a superstar and was SO HAPPY to be out in the woods! I normally take just one of my dogs with me at a time when I go hiking. It makes for great one on one time for us and it is easier when we go with a group of friends. Its also a great motivator each week to get out and hike more so each dog gets a chance. 

We brought Carolyn and Jive to collect ticks. Seriously, Jive is so low to the ground he collects all the ticks so there are no more for anyone else to get! Poor buddy - but is he a cute dog or WHAT?! I was never a sheltie fan until I got to know Jive. Now Im hooked.

Next to go for a hike was Got-cha! 
He was a mountain goat! Loving to climb on rocks and downed trees. His ears are in-between tapings (don't freak out Gayle... I wont leave them this way!)

LOTS of leaves in this park.

If you kiss your dog in the park and someone has a camera... its considered PUBLIC and that is mortifying :)

He's so cute I can't hardly stand it :)

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