Tuesday, September 16, 2008

20 Years Ago...

So Im sorting thru a box of photographs of Cajun, Mayhem and Frenzy, scanning in some of my favorites to add to my "digital" collection. I came across these photos tucked inside an old envelope...OH MY did these bring back memories.
This is "Jesse" and I at our first Obedience match. I dont know why I dont have his ribbon (a blue one) in this photo... He was less then a year old in this photo.

Hey... hair color change! HA! This was our first AKC trial :) Freezing cold and totally exhausted because I drove into the show in the morning in the snow. I got there late, the parking lot was a sheet of ice and we ran out of the car and into the ring with no real warmup to speak of! I was ready to puke, but we Q'd and placed! I was like "Huh?... photo with the judge... where... when...?" So I got the dog, judge, award and the Q ribbon but I seem to have forgotten the placement ribbon... I still look like Im gonna puke tho :)

This was the first show I realized staying in a hotel was a better idea :) the parking lot was still a sheet of ice but we coped much better. I wasnt feeling like I was going to puke anymore and we had plenty of time for our warm up. This was our second show and we heeled a perfect 40! I was thrilled (obviously). I got the dog, the award, but once again forgot the placement ribbon.

Third show and hey NICE SHIRT CHRIS! Not only wasnt I ready to puke anymore but I was becoming a Dalmatian fashion statement to boot!Another cold wintery day, but I got the judge, dog, award, sign AND placement ribbon in this one!

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RedDogRunnin said...

Like a fine wine, you have improved with age!