Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doberman vs Border Collies (Cassidy and Monday vs Got'cha and Diggity)

First we casually play with the toys...

Lulling our prey into thinking we are sweet, lovable and harmless...[OK we really ARE sweet, loveable and relatively harmless but dont tell anyone! You will ruin our reputation.]
And now for a brief interuption:

goofy Dobie moment caught on film...

We return to our story:

Yes... Yes... Little Blue Boy, lets play a game...

Hey, this blue sucker is kinda quick!

Table = Base

Tackle... two down at the same time! Dobie's Win!!!

This young blue one is spunky! And cute...
OK... this is getting to be a bit too sexy...

Thats better.

And while her brother was getting beat up (sorta), what was Diggity doing?
Besides being very very cute?

Giving kisses to her fans of course!

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