Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sk8er Dogs

Outrageous fun training young dogs to ride skateboards.
Our first contestant is the beautiful, talented and slightly wicked [grin] "Arie"
Speedoggie Solar Power (Wow x Banshee)

No fear here!

Three feet on...

All four feet on!!!

Getting fancy already... Show off :)

No this isnt Arie...

It's her mother Banshee

With her signature "Silly Grin". We know where the babies get their skateboarding talent from. Banshee was a superstar.

Porsche and her junior handler make easy work of this game.

Wheres my cookie?

This is Porsche's baby brother "Diesel"
Its the right ear that is really working it this week!

A little shy of the skateboard at first...

but he soon catches on to the game.

Cash is all leg this week but he was AMAZING on his skateboard.

He won the distance award for pushing his skateboard all the way across the room!

Its the crossed front feet that cracked me up. I guess he is showing us his own "signature" style! Such a surfer-dude, blonde hair and all.

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RedDogRunnin said...

Cash is "all legs" EVERY WEEK! He's gonna be a biggen' I thinks!