Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Got Game?

Its been a very bad week for Mayhem. Were hoping he will rally, but if not, here's a nice shot of him out in the field enjoying a beautiful day with his family.

We cherish every single moment we have with him.


This toy was todays biggest hit!

I see you!

This toy was also popular.


The frisbee provided the best photo opportunities!
Yikes! is pretty good at catching a frisbee and making a big game on his own with it.

Got'cha! throws his own frisbee!

Yikes! and Got'cha! engage in a bit of tug of war. Uncle Yikes! is known for letting the young dogs win at this game :)
Diggity has grown into herself. She's not looking like a puppy anymore.

Got'cha! is starting to grow taller then Diggity!

Miercats :)

Father Wow! and daughter Dig-It! and Uncle Got'cha!

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