Friday, June 27, 2008

Cajun, Dig-It! and Got'cha!

After a very rough night, Cajun was rushed to the vet this morning where they tapped his chest and drained off fluid that was making him uncomfortable. It was also decided that we would start him on chemo again. We were successful the first time around, some 18 months ago. Now this new tumor in his lung is making it hard for him to breath when he is lying down. Chemo seems to be our best shot at this point to shrink it.
The trouble for me is not always knowing if I'm making the right decisions for him. But after watching him attack the baby pool yesterday and splash all the water out of it in a matter of minutes... I decided he had too much life left in him for me to give up on him.
So today, after the chest tap and his first round of chemo, he is a bit tired but he took time out to watch his baby puppies "Dig-It!" and "Got'cha!" play.

Got'cha! thinks everything Cajun does is amazing.

Wild eyes and a BIG smile! - Note the similarity in size of these two dogs. Diggity is 11 months... Got'cha! is 9 weeks!

Wild eyes AND teeth... and a right hook to the head!

Perfect Angels.

This one is for Gayle :)

This one too!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Cajun - I hear that you are the best puppy raiser out there and your mamma needs you :)