Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back To Some Dog Photos!

So were covered in ice here today. Im tired of ice.. and snow.. and all that other wintery mix crap that the weather channel continues to predict for us...

[back to some dog photos!]

Frenzy (Mayhem's wife) and Yikes! (Mayhem's son) have been more inseparable then ever! Since we lost Cajun and Mayhem she has put away her "Fun Police" badge and has been actually acting like... a dog [gasp]. We saw her playing with Got'cha! in the yard this week, she was on her back rolling around in the snow with him... of course by the time I got the camera, she had stopped and had an expression on her face like "what me? play? I have no idea what your talking about."

She is obsessive about cleaning her feet as well as Yikes! feet. Mayhem used to clean her feet all the time. Guess she has taken over the job :)

Today it was serious removal of foot "snow balls". She hates dem things.

How embarrassing is it to have your mother clean your feet?!


This is a great shot of a friends dog named "Buddy".

This is what "Buddy" shots usually look like :)

He truly is the king of the "almost got that shot" club.


And a visit to the "They grow up so fast" page: 

Can you believe she's two months old already?!


Lora said...

Pretty sure Sophie stole the fun police badge from frenzy!

Life With Dogs said...

We once had a Border who chewed his nails regularly. Apparently they are prone to foot fetishes.