Friday, April 15, 2011

Winner of this weeks Bowling Game in our FTBT Class!

This dog wins the most progress award in class today! Were on week 2 of FTBT Level I class and this little rescue BC just learned how to "push" and object last week! This is the first step in our "Bowling" game. We use this game to teach dogs the behavior of "push", which can then be used to teach the dogs to navigate an agility chute obstacle (especially when the material is wet from rain). The next progression of this game is to push the ball into bowling pins and the dogs learn to knock the pins over. This game is what we use to desensitize dogs to things falling (like jump bars, which can be a leading cause of jumping anxiety and inappropriate take off positions). We then take the game in the Level II class and move on to the sport of "Treibball" where the dogs herd exercise balls into a goal. A really fun game that dogs of all breeds and sizes can play.

Fit To Be Tricked Class focuses on specialized trick training designed to improve your dog's abilities in performance events while keeping them fit, increasing physical strength, decreasing muscle recovery time and raising your dog’s learning ability and focus. Seminars available: contact FMI

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