Friday, June 5, 2009

This just might be the most fun a dog can have!

Flicker, Wow! and Yikes! ready to take the plunge!

The race is on!

Notice Flicker on the edge...

Notice Flicker not in the water... but she is wet... how can that be?...

her toes are in the water...

up to her wrists...

Wha-oh... GASP! This was not part of the Princess' Plan!

Why is it that the paparazzi are always around in your worst moments?...

And her brother Yikes! is not much better when it comes to water... except he isnt quite as much of a dork ;)
Handsome Boy!



"I am magnificent aren't I... yes, yes, I beleive I am..."


and then there's Wow!

Splashin', squealin', love da water more then anything else in da world, kinda guy!

I sling mud and squeal really loud... and don't care who I get muddy with me.

I run up and down the creek making the water all muddy...

I find pretty little rock ledges and walk nicely on them so the paparazzi can get my good side...

and then it happens... we spot the intruder! [editors note: he swam around this stick for a good 2 minutes staring and talking to it!]

what IS this thing and where did it come from?... [editors note: he actually dug it up in all his wild digging and running. Its connected to a huge branch]

I shall kill it and save the world! [editors note: the SCREAM that he let out when he did this was hysterical!]

arrrgggghhh! I keil you... I keil you...

then i try to find the rest of you! [editors note: he had his head underwater long enough for me to shoot approx 10 photos!]

GASP! Choke! Air... I forgot I need to breathe to be able to save the world from rouge sticks...

When are we coming back Momma??? When???

September buddy... September :)

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