Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After Camp Doggie Party

After Speedoggie Camp this weekend, we decided to let the dog's burn off some energy. And of course... I grabbed my camera :)

Mayhem, under my feet as usual... gives his best silly face!

Janet heps get the dogs out from under my feet so I can shoot some thing other then INTENSE close ups :)

Mayhem, Flicker (Mayhem x Frenzy daughter), Frenzy, Wow! (Mayhem x Credit)

Yikes! (Mayhem x Frenzy) and Wow! (Mayhem x Credit) take a dip in the baby pool.

Frenzy and Torch take time out for a "Red Dog" pose.

Mayhem and Yikes! (Mayhem x Frenzy)

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