Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mayhem... out of surgery

Almost immediately on the heels of losing Cajun to cancer just a few weeks ago... Mayhem was diagnosed with an anal sac tumor (pathology pending).
He had an ultrasound on Tuesday, surgery yesterday and I got to bring him home this afternoon. He is a bit groggy from the pain medication (that's the patch on his side in the above photo). And hes sporting a "not so cool" hair cut that hes not happy about. But all in all, he's kept his sense of humor.

He isnt eating very well just yet. Tonight I offered him chicken, beef, bison, kibble soaked in homemade broth, and that Fresh Pet stuff that smells aweful but the dogs seem to like it. I lined all the bowls out like a buffet for him... I think he was entertained :) He seemed to like the bison and chicken best but could only manage a small bite of each. Hopefully by tomorrow he will feel more like eating. He cant afford to lose any more weight. Currently he's curled up on a dog bed deep in doggie dreams.

He is so happy to be out of the hospital!

I started this blog to help me get thru Cajun's cancer relapse and subsequent death... who knew I'd be back at it so soon with another traumatic experience with my dogs! Needless to say, the camera is charged and I'll be sending lots of Mayhem (aka Hemi) photos soon.

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