Friday, August 29, 2008

As you can see... Were dealing with a really food driven dog here

This morning I got up early to "cook" for Hemi. Now understand, I dont actually ever cook, I prefer to call it "heating" not "cooking" as most of the stuff I would prepare for myself or others comes from a box, can or bag and requires an average of 4 minutes in a microwave :) HOWEVER... for the dog, I get up early and actually "cooked". Scrambled eggs in bowl 1, boiled chicken in bowl 2, and an "out of the container to the bowl meal" of cottage cheese in bowl 3 (hey... I got tired of standing over a stove!). The expression on Hemi's face just about says it all. "Sorry Sister... it just aint working for me this morning."

Within a few hours the buffet was getting more elaborate.

I beleive he is starting to be amused by it all...


On another note:
Pain medication - Working! [giggle... giggle... snort]

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