Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Death Of A Number Cone

One of Got'cha!'s favorite pastimes is renumbering my courses... so this is a familiar site in the agility field when he's in it.

Pulling the grass up thru the hole in the number cone is also a great game.

The young hunter, proud of his kill... flaunts it to the pack.. "See! see what I found! This is the best toy in the yard... really it is! Na na na na na"

Suddenly front out of now where... the prize treasure is snatched away by the "Kwazy One"!

And in his customary ritualistic dance, the "Kwazy One" teaches the young Blue Dog a lesson in cone killing

In a last ditch attempt by the young Blue Dog, he tries to make the Kwazy One feel guilty for stealing his treasure...

From the looks of it... the young Blue Dog's attempts to provoke sympathy from the Kwazy One had no effect. I suspect a lesson was learned :)

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